When to use a hair steamer?

Hi loves,

Some of y'all already have seen me use my steamer but i still get a lot of questions about it.

I want to talk to you about the use of a hair steamer and what i will do for your hair.

Do you need a hair steamer?

Yes and no, if you have high porosity hair i would NOT recommend a steamer since it will open your hair cuticles even more and you really don't want that because that's where moisture gets LOST.

If you have medium to low porosity hair, a steamer can come in very handy when you want to help lock in the moisture or refresh your curls.

Low porosity hair has closed cuticles that have a hard time to let moisture in, steam (or any other source of heat: plastic bag, hooded dryer) can lift the cuticle and allow moisture to enter the hairshaft which makes it easier for the product to bring the benefits straight in to your curl.

There are different type of steamers. The one i have right now is a Breuer and it's a facial steamer so i also use it on my face but it works wonders for my hair as well.

In the Netherlands there is no hooded steamer available just yet but if you are from the U.S you can get a much better steamer as well.

Medium porosity can benefit from a hair steamer in fall/winter times where your hair just gets dry. I use it after wash day and in between if i choose to twist my hair.


Always use destilled water in your steamer.