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You can now book your own appointment online by clicking the link below, choose your treatment, day and time with the 'book appointment widget'.

As a natural hair stylist (based in the Netherlands) i provide curly cuts, trims and treatments and protective styling. 

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Dry cut/trim
- Curls will be cut dry in desired shape and style.

The curly cut with refresh
- Curls will be cut dry in desired shape and style and refreshed with product.

The curly trim with refresh
- Choose for a trim with styling if you want to get rid of dead/split ends or little knots, this will be done curl by curl on dry hair and refreshed with product.

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Steampod treatment
- Perfect if you want to flat iron your hair without the damage. (this is NOT a silk press)

Detox treatment 
- We will remove build up from your curls and kill the bacteria on your scalp, Ph-levels will be restored. Hair will be washed, conditioned and styled afterwards. 
This treatment also helps against frizz, adds more volume and stimulates hair growth! The detox also works great on an itchy scalp.

Protein treatment
- Strengthens your curls, protects your hair cuticles and restores dry hair. Every porosity level can benefit from this treatment (high porosity more often than low porosity contact me if you need help). Hair will be styled with protein enriched products afterwards.

Vitamin treatment
- Enriched with vitamin C which helps to stimulates hair growth, balances moisture levels and improves the absorption of iron that helps against hair loss. Hair will be styled with moisture enriched products afterwards.

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You are now able to book a consult to get the help you need to analyse your hair and it's needs and build a strong routine. Contact me for more information.

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Every treatment and cut can be mixed and matched with each other, you will find all of these options by clicking the link below. If you have any questions about the packages please contact me: issaviam@gmail.com

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I would love to welcome you soon.