Lemon Green Tea Clay Wash

Lemon Green Tea Clay Wash

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One of my faves. This is the most natural way to cleanse your scalp, remove build up, kill bacteria and the Lemon Green Tea Clay Wash also works for an itchy scalp.
It's a combination of Kaolin, Ghassoul and Bentonite clay that makes the perfect detox.

The green tea helps against hair loss and the anti-inflammatory properties of essental oils like: lemon oil, lemongrass and grapefruit go against scalp problems and oily hair.

Bentonite clay, Rhassoul clay, Kaolin clay, Green Tea Powder, Chamomilla Recutita, Citrus Limonum, Citrus Decumana, Cymbopogon Citratus

How to use:
Mix 2 tablespoons of the clay wash with water
Leave in for 10-15 minutes
Rinse your hair