Low porosity 101 & Low porosity hair routine

Low porosity 101 & Low porosity hair routine

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Languages: english and dutch available on all devices

The bundle every curly king or queen should have to set yourself up for a healthy and sustainable hair journey!

After you found out the porosity of your hair we will deliver you the solutions to:

  • Keep your hair moisturized long term
  • Work with the character of your porosity
  • What ingredients you need to avoid
  • What ingredients to use
  • A list with low budget products appropriate for your hair
    (based on a fundamental hair regimen)
  • A list with high budget products appropriate for your hair
    (based on a fundamental hair regimen)
  • A complete index where I break down (natural) ingredients and more tips you can use during your journey to achieve your hair goals
  • Why products won't work and save money  $$

This guide helps you understand your curls and build the perfect foundation for a healthy and successful hair journey!

And with this bundle you will also get:

The most simple and helping routine that helps you create a strong hair care regimen based on your porosity!

Natural hair care starts here!

The hair care routine for low porosity hair will provide you with:

  • Treatments you can do yourself at home, appropriate for high porosity hair to:
    -Counteract dehydration
    -Take in products better
    -Prevent breakage
  • Complete planning for daily, weekly and monthly hydration
  • A pre-made monthly planner with weekly hair care treatments that are easy, fun and beneficial for your porosity
  • A monthly planner to personalize based on your own lifestyle
  • Tips for a sustainable routine


The Low Porosity hair routine is meant to give you the basics that will make it easier to create a consistent routine yourself.