The curl test 101

The curl test 101

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Languages: english and dutch available on all devices

This guide will help you to test your hair porosity with me!

Get to know your hair porosity

There are different ways to test your hair but why is porosity so important?

You porosity can be low, medium or high. The amount of moisture and hydration your hair gets depends on your porosity, but don’t worry I will teach you everything you need to know to work with your porosity and achieve your hair goals.

The curl test 101 will provide you with:

  • All the information you need about porosity
  • Test video’s so we can test your hair together
  • Low porosity ins and outs
  • Medium porosity ins and outs
  • High porosity ins and outs

The Curl Test 101 is made to give more clarity about porosity. It is for every curl type very important to understand what kind of products and treatments will or will not work for your hair!