About Issavia

My name is Larissa Silvia and i am officially a natural hair stylist since 2016. This all started when i decided to quit the relaxers and start to discover what my crown looked like.

I had been using relaxers ever since i was six years old. After all those years you barely remember what your own hair texture looks like. I decided to transition into natural hair and invest in my future crown.

Growing out your natural hair takes a while and i started to experiment more and more with protective styles and natural hair products. I have learned a lot by practicing with my transitioning hair and others their natural hair. This way i gained so much knowledge about different hair types and textures and i fell in love with them. I worked in different salons where i styled a lot of European hair but my heart and passion always stayed with natural curly hair.

It became my mission to help as much as possible women and men who struggle with their natural hair journey. And i’m so grateful that’s what i have been able to do this already for the past few years.

Although ,i still noticed that going natural or keeping up with a good hair care regimen can be a bit confusing or just a LOT to take in. With this guide i help you step by step to get to know YOUR hair and gain control over the health of your curls.

These guides and routines are for you if you want to create and maintain a hair care regimen and get yourself a consistent plan for your curls to get the BEST results out of your hair.