The mission

As a natural hair specialist i want to share my knowledge and experience about natural hair with the entire curly/natural hair community regardless the curl type or background.

Everyone deserves to enjoy wearing their natural hair in the healthiest condition. I offer treatments and haircuts and share my knowledge through the guides and routines.


The Curly Cut

Wavy, curly or coily hair, a curly cut will refresh your shape and makes you feel brand new!

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The Curly Trim

Need a touch up? the trim is here to help you get rid of dead/split ends while you maintain your length.


The Curl Consult

Having trouble understanding and taking care of your hair? We will create a personalized routine together!

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Experiences from our clients

Best hairdresser around! Thanks to HairbyIssavia I got my natural curls back. With her advice, knowledge, curls & detox treatments she has helped me get the best out of my hair. Never before have I been 100% happy with my natural hair, but Larissa has changed that, thank you so much!

Aïde Maldonado Duarte

Larissa first looked at my hair and asked what experience I already had. She clearly asked about my wishes and also gave honest advice. In between she was chatting and told about her passion, among other things. That passion is reflected in her work through the time and attention she devotes to hair.

She is happy to share the knowledge she has about curls, so very nice !!

Ilze van Driel

If you have curly hair, Issavia is highly recommended! You get a lot of advice and she uses products that are not harmful to your hair !!

Naomi Leuwol

I have used many different hair products for my hair over the years that I didn't know would suit my hair type.

After reading your guide, I found out exactly what my hair type was and what my hair needed for proper care. I was not very well known or aware of that, but now I really enjoy using your guide to find the right products.

The way you explain it in this guide makes it easy to understand for anyone who may or may not have any knowledge of his or her hair type. I notice that I now consciously choose products with the knowledge about what my hair type does and does not need. From there I have been able to develop my own hair routine which works very well for me.


Visited a natural hair specialist for the first time in August! She is super kind and thoughtful and really takes the time for you and your hair. Very nice experience!

Marloes Timmerman

this girl was so personal! A very nice atmosphere and really paid attention to me and my hair. Also wanted to take risks and try things out. Great, I'll be back for sure! My hair hasn't been blessed that well in a long time.

Iris Karpenko

She's literally the best, my hair just got so much more beautiful! You get the best advice exactly for your hair and a haircut that suits your hair for a very good price! I recommend her 100% for curly hair.

Famke Eleonora Stienstra Beuzel

She is ama-zing !!! ❤️ Looks at your hair with patience and studies lock by lock.

Despite my thick & long hair, Larissa really looked at what I needed and took the time she needed, she didn't fray anything! (Unfortunately, I have often experienced this with other hairdressers because of my hair)!

Time flies with the cosiness she brings as a person, she advises your hair well and has the knowledge about each hair type! She rockssss

Esmee Joosten

Went to Larissa for an advice consultation. Received very good and extensive information about how I can best treat my curls.

I received a schedule booklet specially made for me. I will confidently start working with new Vegan products