• How do i prepare my hair for an appointment?

Dry cut - please make sure your hair is washed and styled in your natural curl definition. Your hair won't be refreshed and it's important to be able to cut on your curls true definition. 

Trim or cut with refresh - please make sure your hair is washed and does not contain heavy products like gel/wax. 

Treatments - the best way to prepare for a treatment is to make sure your hair is detangled. 

  • What is the difference between a cut or a trim?

Choose for a trim if you just want to get rid of dead/split ends and little knots at the end of your hair. Choose for a cut if you need to re-shape your hair.

  • How can I download the guides?

Once you ordered a hairguide you will recieve an e-mail with the file. You can download the file on every device and export or save it in iBooks/Google drive/ Dropbox etc.

  • What are the guides about exactly?

Based on your porosity level which you can test with The hair test 101 you can purchase one of the guides based on porosity. The 101 series are all about everything you need to know to start a succesful hair care journey. The routines are plans you can easily keep up with at home that will make sure you follow a consistent routine.

  • Are the guides also for new naturals?

The guides are for everyone who would love to take good care for their hair but have trouble following a consistent routine to reach a better and stronger hair care level.

  • Can people from other countries purchase these guides?

Yes! i made an English and Dutch version of every single guide.