Balance is key

Hi loves,

What do you know about moisture and protein balance? This might be the answer to the reasons your hair lost its definition, stretch or even its LIFE.

Low,medium of high porosity... balance is always key to health.

So why do we need protein? Our hair is basically made out of protein but sometimes it needs a little bit more help from the outside. Protein makes sure the moisture is being locked in our hair, it also makes our hair stronger en gives our curls more definition.... BUT once you use to much of it... your hair will break easily.

Moisture gives us flexibility and nurtures our curls. We need this to keep our hair from drying and it's pretty much the water to your plants.

But how do you keep both in balance?

well i got a simple template made for this. if you check the boxes you probably need to check your routine again. add more protein or add more moisture based products. This can be solved with a deep conditioner once ever month or a protein treatment.

balance sheet

In my low medium and high porosity hair routines i made monthly routines so you can stay in balance consistently!