Curly Secret

Hairbyissavia FINALLY found a great product brand to use in the salon. I was searching for a brand that first off all is vegan, this is so important for me because i do not want to take risk on ingredients, i want everything to be paraben, sulfate, silicone free and free from bad alcohols.

other than that i think its so important a brand has products for every porosity type, y'all know i am all about porosity so this is a big deal for me.

I don't really care about hair type but it's definitely true that some brands don't really fit all hairtypes so i made sure i also checked that box.

Over the years i tried, many.. and i mean MANY products and i have been using this brand for a few years now. I have to say this brand keeps evolving and they listen to their customers to keep creating the best range of products and i can not wait to tell you more about this.

But first, i want to give a HUGE thankyou to them for giving small business owners the possibility to partner with them. That's amazing and i am forever thankful.

Curly Secret is a dutch webshop that sells hair products and accesoires, from now on my clients will be able to purchase their products by me. 100% natural and NO animal testing.

retailer curly secret

Also, a few ingredients i mention in my hairguides are included in some of the products so that's amazing and i will talk more about that in my upcoming product review.

i can not wait to welcome my clients and work with Curly secret! i still got a lot of new products to try out and i am so exited to let you meet the styling and haircare line of this beautiful brand. 

I often upload product reviews on my instagram @hairbyissavia