Deep conditioner

Lets talk hair care!

A deep conditioner a.k.a a hair mask is a staple you should have in your house to use at any time.

Deep conditioners can save the day or even the season when your hair is feeling down or just need that extra love.

There is a down side on deep conditioning that i want to talk about in this blog, when using a deep conditioner wrong it will back fire and make your hair strands very weak which will turn out into breakage.

Nothing to be afraid about but something to be aware of to choose yours carefully, ingredients and frequency of use is important.

Also a very much discussed topic are deep conditioners with protein, and how to use them.

I recommend anyone with a high porosity hair type to definitly deep condition with a protein product once every week. and switch to a deep conditioner based on vitamins once every month to keep the balance. Please don't leave your deep conditioner in for too long. 30 till 40 minutes is more than enough time for your hair to absord the benefits of the product.

I recommend anyone with low porosity hair to deep condition every other week and use a deep conditioner without protein. Plan a washday where you are going to use protein every other month. This also depends on the state of your hair, maybe in the winter time your hair will benefit more of protein.

With a medium porosity this is something you can play with, and don't forget to listen to your hair. spoil your curls with a mask every week but it's okay to just use a conditioner if your hair feels strong, and flexible.

Self made:
A mask is easy to make yourself with natural ingredients you have at home i will add a few examples.

Looking for a deep co with and without protein? i got you.

Vitamin hair mask

Protein hair mask