Hair growth

Happy sunday,

today i want to shine a light on a different perspective of hair growth because this seems to be something a lot of people are struggling with.

besides a good routine and use of the right products which i can help you with on i want to bring the attention to our health within. why? because this is more important than most people think.

Our diets have huge impact on the quality of our hair. For example: i pay attention to my diet and i make sure i eat enough protein etc. but when i used to also use lots of products with protein this created a protein overload super FAST.

Our stress levels.. stress can easily express it self in out hair, hair loss is one of the most popular results of stress. Blood-flow will be interrupted when you experience stress and your hair growth will slow down as a result.

We may not always be aware of our stress level so please keep paying attention to your mental health, its more important than we might think. a consistent routine can also make great positive changes in hair growth. If you don't see results in length right away, be patient... give a routine at least 6 months. Definitely when we haven't used the right products and routines for 10+ years.. give your hair some time.

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