Hairtypes and structure

A lot of people are confused about what their hairtype actually is, well things can get very interesting on your scalp! and almost all my clients deal with mutiple hairtypes! this is completly normal.

So offcourse we got what we call type 1, which is straight hair type 2 which is more wavy, type 3 that's more of a bigger curl or loop and typ 4 which are smaller curls or zigzag curls, but each and every type can have a fine, medium or thicker structure.

A fine, thinner hair structure doesn't need as much product to hold a style as a medium structure, with too much product the hair cant really hold volume or the curl in place, always try out light weight products before you move on to heavy gels.

Same goed for a thick structure, it can have trouble holding your curls in it's shape. Only in this case you might want to use more product. This can be more of a lightweight product if you are lower in porosity or a normal amount of a heavier product like a creme or butter if you are higher in porosity.

This can make or break the volume and shape of your curls! so please don't be scared to try out new things when it comes to product use.

With a medium structure your hair can take a normal 'dime size' amount of product and it will be able to hold your curls into place easier.