How to get more volume at the roots?

Long time no see loves,

A lot has been going on because of Covid-19 and i had to take care of a few things in regards of the restrictions but today i want to answer a much asked question that i get from a lot of type 2-3 hair curlies....

Its all about VOLUME at the top of their hair! why does my hair stay curly at the end and not at the roots? and how do i get more volume or curls !?

I will try to answer this question today so you can still create a lovely christmass hairstyle ;)

First off all, every one has different hair follicle

The deeper your follicle is ''planted'' inside your scalp the more chance of a c pattern inside your skin. The deeper this is rooted the more your hair will curl from the roots. This can change over the years ! it can also change by using chemical products... you can even kill your hair follicle if you bring enough damage and no hair will grow there ever again... so we have to kinda be grateful with what we have here.

Okay but how can i create more volume if my hair follicle is not that curly?

My first answer would be layers!

BUT this ain't for everyone. Ask your hair dresser which type of layers would fit your hair type. Be aware that 'How shorter your hair the more curls will appear' is NOT working for everyone... Sometimes your curls just love length and wont really curl on shorter hair.

You might want to start with low layers to see if that makes any difference.

Diffuse upside down!

This really works for 99% of the curly people. If you have type 4 hair this probably won't be necessary but for type 2-3 it does work magic.

Pick it out!

Get yourself a wide tooth comb or afro comb and pick the roots when your hair is completely dry! curls have a way of ''maximizing'' (also works amazing on day 2/3 hair)


Wishing you a merry christmas and a happy new year!