Why is porosity important?

I really want to raise the awareness around porosity, often we choose new products because our curly friends use them as well and they seem to work for them. Or you see someone with the exact same curl pattern use it. OR we see a picture of someone using a product that you would loveeee to look like.

Well... let me break it down for you real quick. Porosity has nothing to do with curl type. You and your friend can both have the same curly type but different porosity types... yes i know...
this seems difficult but its not. its actually bringing a lot of benefits knowing your hair porosity.
We have 3 different levels and none of them is better or worse, its just the way your hair is. This can be because of genetics, chemical treatments and even the weather.
low porosity: hair cuticles lay flat on top of each other, this makes it harder to get moisture in to your hair. find all the characteristics in the low porosity 101 and learn how to apply the benefits of product to your hair.
medium porosity: medium porosity basicly loves anything to do IF you just listen to your hairs needs. you can play with this in your routine and the most important part is to stay consistent. Medium porosity has the hair cuticles not to far closed or open.
high porosity: You hair cuticles are open... this way moisture enters the hair easy but also leaves the hair EASY this leaves your hair dry at the end of the day if you do not know how to seal in this moisture in the right way.

porosity chart
benefits from knowing your porosity: First off all, you can build a very strong routine knowing your porosity but please know that you should always try to listen to your own hair. Yes sometimes it needs a protein treatment low/medium/or high.
Sometimes it does needs a nice hot oil treatment with oils low/medium/or high.

Knowing your porosity can not only help you build a succesful routine, it also saves you a lot of money that you used to spend on the wrong products. if you know what your hair needs and what it will take in with love you can work with this.
If you want to know more about these porosity levels, check out the Curl test 101